How does this process work?

First the drawing

The start of the work on the canvas is done with pencil. I need to have a rough sketch of the subject before I even think of laying down any paint. A good sharp photo helps immensly.


Now is when I start the actual painting. I'll almost redraw the picture with paint now. This is where you providing me with a high quality photo comes to play. I'll take your photo and enlarge it to the same size as your painting. This enlarged photo will hang directly next to the painting until completion. If your photo isn't very good it will look even worse when it's enlarged.


Once the painting is done, it needs to sit for about a week until it is dry to the touch. Then it needs to continue drying for about 2-3 months before I can safely put varnish over top. All my paintings need have varnish on them. With out the varnish, black tends to look gray and the painting doesn't seem to have any depth. This layer of varnish will protect the painting from any dirt or debris for 100 years or more!
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